Date/Time Topic Hosted by Registration
November 2018. Replay available on demand. Introduction to cloud computing

The webinar offers an introduction to cloud computing and demonstrates the impact of this digital transformation on security, productivity, and the way we consume technology.

Trey Herr, PhD – Senior Security Strategist, Microsoft Replay
December 2018. Replay available on demand. Protecting your hardware

This webinar presents the importance of endpoint security and hardware enforced security solutions that protect, detect, and in case of breach, allow for swift recovery from attacks.

Anais Gurruchaga – Personal Systems Security Lead, HP Inc.

Corbett Hoxland – Security Business Developer, HP Inc.

January 2019. Replay available on demand. Best practices for assessing cyber vulnerabilities and/or cyber risk

This webinar addresses vulnerability overload challenges and explores best practices that help reduce vulnerability overload, and better protect businesses from cyber risk.

Bill Olson – Technical Director, Tenable Replay
Monday, February 4, 2019.
4pm (GMT+1)/7am PT
Cyberattacks on Infrastructure

This webinar will share research by ESET, on one of the most dangerous Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups active today – TeleBots (aka Sandworm). The attackers have been targeting critical infrastructure over the past several years, most notably during the first ever, malware-enabled electricity blackouts, and the most damaging cyberattack in history by NotPetya. The webinar will also focus on the group’s most recent attacks against energy companies in Europe by the GreyEnergy malware.

Robert Lipovsky – Senior Malware Researcher, ESET Replay
Monday, March 4, 2019.
11am PT/ 2pm ET
Email protection

Email remains the number one tactic for threat actors targeting organizations. Threat actors use email to deliver ransomware, phishing, and business email compromise, among others. In this webinar, learn the latest email trends and attack methods that threat actors are using, who they target within your organization, and their objectives. Finally, learn about the newest technologies used to detect threats, and best practices to reduce your attack surface.

Jon Clay, – Director of Global Threat Communications, Trend Micro
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