Cybersecurity Tech Accord Celebrates its Second Anniversary

The Cybersecurity Tech Accord was first announced at the RSA conference in San Francisco, in 2018. As a result, the conference, an annual cybersecurity landmark in its own right, holds special meaning for the signatories of our group. We are always delighted to participate in the events of the week, as well as host our own meetings, provide updates on our work so far, and look ahead to the next year of our collective commitment.

Two years ago, 34 companies agreed to a short list of fundamental principles that we felt should underscore how technology companies deal with cybersecurity, to help us have a more productive conversation as an industry, as well as with the other stakeholders that have a responsibility for securing our online environment. Since then, this simple idea has sparked a number of exciting initiatives, from individual signatories of the group, as well as collective efforts under the “Cybersecurity Tech Accord” umbrella.

Perhaps the most significant development since then, however, has been the evolution of on-going conversations between governments, civil society, and industry on the importance of cybersecurity at the international level – and a recognition of the need to work together across stakeholder groups to combat escalating threats online. Cybersecurity Tech Accord signatories not only participate in these discussions at the United Nations, we also engage with individual governments, as well as other international bodies, such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Similarly, we are incredibly excited about our partnership with the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) and the UN Envoy on Youth to sponsor the Apps 4 Digital Peace competition, which we hope will draw innovative, young minds from around the world into this work. A summary of all the key initiatives we have worked on over the past year is available in the annual report that we are publishing today.

Moreover, we are delighted to report that the number of companies that support the objectives of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord has grown once again. We can today announce that 14 new companies have signed the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, which brings our total signatories to 144 global technology firms, quadrupling the original number that launched this important effort just two years ago.  Our new signatories include: 10Pearls, Aims360, Alfred Tech, Bankingly, Com Laude, Corestack, Cornerstore IT, Framework Security, Nap del Caribe, onShore Security, Schneider Electric, SecurityScorecard, Strata Information Technologies, and Switchfast.

As a key player on financial inclusion through technology, Bankingly has the obligation to meet the highest standards of security. In this context, joining the Cybersecurity Tech Accord is really important milestone for our company” highlighted Manuel Gros, Bankingly

“SecurityScorecard is thrilled to join a coalition of prestigious like-minded companies around the world,” echoed Paul Gagliardi, Head of Threat Intelligence and CISO at SecurityScorecard. “We look forward to collaborating with other signatories of this accord to promote sound cybersecurity principles, data sharing and unified defense strategies” 

By signing the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, the new signatories agree to uphold commitments in four areas:

  • Stronger defense against cyberattacks by pledging to protect all customers globally regardless of the motivation for attacks online;
  • No offense by choosing to not help governments or other actors launch cyberattacks against innocent civilians or enterprises, and protecting against the tampering or exploitation of products and services through every stage of technology development, design and distribution;
  • Empowering developers and the people and businesses that use their technology, by helping them build and improve capacity for protecting themselves; and
  • taking collective action together to establish new formal and informal partnerships with industry, civil society, and security researchers to improve cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is not just a technology issue: It is an urgent, strategic imperative for every responsible organization and industry at large,” said Christophe Blassiau, senior vice president, Digital Security and Global CISO, Schneider Electric. “Collaborating with our customers, partners and other industry leaders, like the forward thinkers who make up the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, is critical to securing and strengthening the digital economy. We look forward to taking part in transparent, open conversations that will advance cybersecurity policies and laws for the benefit of the communities and environments we all must mutually serve.”

“We’re pleased to be joining this community of businesses with a strong approach to cybersecurity. At Com Laude we have a robust approach to ensuring the security of our clients’ businesses through Domain Name and DNS related services. We look forward to sharing best practice and working together with our new partners delivering enhanced security options,” added Gareth Jehu, Com Laude.

Later today, the Cybersecurity Tech Accord signatories will come together to celebrate the achievements made over the last two years. The reception will be preceded by a conversation amongst the leaders of the group on the path forward. We hope that if you are in town you can drop by and participate in this critical conversation.