EVENT | Cybersecurity Tech Accord: Working with civil society – Join us tomorrow for a lively discussion

Thursday, 13 June at 4:30 pm
RightsCon conference centre, Tunis

This past April marked the one year anniversary of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, offering a valuable opportunity to take stock of what has been accomplished in the 12 months since technology companies from across the globe first came together in agreement to increase cybersecurity. Indeed, a lot happened in the Cybersecurity Tech Accord’s first year, with the summary of the key milestones available at this link.

As we look now towards the Cybersecurity Tech Accord’s second year, we are eager to leverage the unique scale and expertise of our signatories in partnership with other stakeholders beyond private industry to expand our impact. Perhaps more than any other security domain, cybersecurity is inherently a shared responsibility, and while there are ways that industry can address these challenges independently, many more meaningful solutions require the unique and indispensable perspectives and contributions of other stakeholder groups as well.

To this end, we want to leverage the opportunity RightsCon provides to hear from you all, to see what we could do better, what areas we can focus on, and in particular how we could work with civil society better to promote our common objectives. We will hold a small, but interactive session tomorrow, 13 June at 4:30 in pod 2 at the RightsCon conference centre.

Please email [email protected] should you be interested in attending and feel free to share with others that might be interested in attending.