EVENT | Can you Trust your Doorbell? Industry, consumers, and Hackers on Improving Consumer IoT Device Security

The rapidly growing market of consumer “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices provides people around the world with products enhanced by an ability to connect to the internet or other network. However, these devices often lack security features present in traditional computing products and can be exploited for malicious surveillance or to even jeopardize the safety of users. This session at RightsCon 2022 will highlight an emerging global consensus around security expectations for such devices and seek input about the needs of different communities around the world related to consumer IoT security. Gathered together by the World Economic Forum, in early 2022 the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, I Am The Cavalry, and Consumers International – coalitions representing the tech industry, hackers and consumer advocates, respectively – will release a joint statement identifying specific consensus priorities for improving consumer IoT security to establish a global baseline. The statement will be endorsed by dozens of other organizations and is intended to set a multistakeholder foundation for further collaboration.

This session will focus on sharing the priorities reflected in this statement and on better understanding the needs and concerns of vulnerable populations and those across the digital divide who will adopt the next generation of consumer IoT devices. Following brief remarks from the organizers related to their ongoing collaboration, breakout rooms led by representatives from different stakeholder groups will answer questions and lead discussions to capture perspectives of participants related to how adoption and implementation of consumer IoT devices differs, or will differ, across various contexts.

Learn more: https://cybertechaccord.org/industry-hackers-and-consumers-for-a-global-baseline-for-consumer-iot-security/