EVENT | Join us for an Internet Governance Forum: Hacking-Back: A Dialogue with Industry

16 November – 12:20 to 13:50 CET

The Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace – the largest multistakeholder commitment to cybersecurity – brings together over 1,000 supporting entities around nine foundational principles. One of these principles creates an expectation that signatories  will “take steps to prevent non-State actors, including the private sector, from hacking-back, for their own purposes or those of other non-State actors.”

This principle raises important questions about what activities constitute “hacking-back,” as well as which ones do not. As an enthusiastic supporter of the Paris Call, the Cybersecurity Tech Accord – a global coalition of technology companies committed to improving cybersecurity – has taken the initiative to clarify what, from an industry perspective, should constitute “hacking-back” under the principle and which activities should not. This session will give representatives from the Cybersecurity Tech Accord an opportunity to share both their consensus view as to how the technology industry broadly thinks about “hacking-back,” as well as the nuanced perspectives of their respective companies on the issue. It will also provide a valuable opportunity to seek input and feedback from other stakeholder groups and ask questions such as  i) What are the risks and benefits posed by so-called “hack-back” activities? ii) What kinds of activities by private industry should be considered “hacking-back” and off-limits, and which should not, in order to promote safety and security online?


  • Trey Herr, Atlantic Council


  • Seth Cutler, Government Affairs, AppNet
  • Kaja Ciglic, Senior Director, Microsoft
  • Ed Cabrera, CISO, TrendMicro
  • Alissa Starzak, CloudFlare

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