New companies commit to Cybersecurity Tech Accord principles | In a new initiative signatories highlight how they “live” the principles day in and day out

Today, the Cybersecurity Tech Accord welcomes 11 new companies to its ranks, bringing the total to 122 signatories committed to improving the security of cyberspace. Cloudreach, Grupo Deltron, GTD Group, HCS Business Solutions, INFINIT Consulting, NetApp, Pax8, Resecurity, Scitum, SSRD, and VALIDY Net Inc. have all joined in the pledge to protect users and customers everywhere.

“Resecurity is excited to join the Cybersecurity Tech Accord. We share the same commitment to helping global enterprises identify and defend against malicious threats, making the world a safer place,” said Gene Yoo, CEO at Resecurity. “In today’s dynamic threat landscape, organizations must have situational intelligence into what’s going on inside and outside of their network environments to truly protect themselves. In partnership with Cybersecurity Tech Accord, we continue our mission of enabling enterprises and governments to combat and prevent cyber threats.”

“INFINIT Consulting is excited to join the Cybersecurity Tech Accord” said Jerod Powell, Founder & President, “Our participation goal is to advocate for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and ensure their security protection interests are prioritized while risks are effectively eradicated.”  Powell continued, “SMBs are the largest collective employer and revenue contributor to just about every GDP worldwide, yet, most cybersecurity solutions are geared towards the large enterprise. For security to become truly ubiquitous, it must be driven from the ground up – starting with SMBs.”

New signatories from countries such as Slovenia and Peru diversify the Cybersecurity Tech Accord while deepening the group’s expertise and geographic scope. As the group continues to expand, we remain open to new private sector signatories, large and small, who are trusted, have high cybersecurity standards, and adhere unreservedly to the principles that bring the group together.

By signing the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, the new signatories agree to commitments in four areas:

  • Stronger defense against cyberattacks by pledging to protect all customers globally regardless of the motivation for attacks online;
  • No offense by choosing to not help governments or other actors launch cyberattacks against innocent civilians or enterprises, and protecting against the tampering or exploitation of products and services through every stage of technology development, design and distribution;
  • Empowering developers and the people and businesses that use their technology, by helping them build and improve capacity for protecting themselves; and
  • Building upon existing relationships and taking collective action together to establish new formal and informal partnerships with industry, civil society, and security researchers.

“More than 50 percent of organizations do not believe they are prepared to repel a ransomware attack. This is just one of many reasons why we are partnering with Cybersecurity Tech Accord on initiatives that improve the security, stability and resilience of cyberspace. More needs to be done to bring awareness to the worldwide security crisis, and we believe Cybersecurity Tech Accord is a step in the right direction,” highlighted Brad Fugitt from Pax8.

“VALIDY NET INC and VALIDY SAS are honored to join the Cybersecurity Tech Accord and are eager to collaborate with the other organizations to make the cyberspace a safer place. We know how difficult it is for different countries to coordinate and take decisions to really secure the cyberspace. We are aware that the security and defense of the cyberspace is not only technical or military, but predominately diplomatic and legal” said Gilles Sgro, President of VALIDY NET INC and VALIDY SAS. “By sharing knowledge of disruptive technologies, we are confident that the digital world can be as secure as the physical world,” added Jean-Christophe CUENOD, CTO of VALIDY NET INC.

In addition to new signatories, the Cybersecurity Tech Accord is excited to also announce a new initiative that underscores the commitments of each individual company to the first principle of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord. With the latter, signatories pledge to design, develop, and deliver products and services that prioritize security, privacy, integrity and reliability, and in turn reduce the likelihood, frequency, exploitability, and severity of vulnerabilities.

Over the past year, the group has achieved numerous initiatives such as implementing a vulnerability disclosure policy, and lending its voice in support of the open letter that called on the G7 governments and their leaders to prioritize cybersecurity. However, it’s important to recognize that each signatory also exemplifies a myriad of different and innovative ways by which they live and breathe the Cybersecurity Tech Accord principles every day. With that in mind, we created a depository of best practices and noteworthy examples achieved by companies to increase their security. We are starting with CSC, Mark Monitor, Microsoft, SSRD, TrendMicro, VALIDY NET INC and WISeKey, and will add more over the coming weeks and months.

We hope the display of security achievements will encourage other entities around the world, whether they are Cybersecurity Tech Accord signatories or not, to accomplish novel ways of improving their cybersecurity postures.