“Patching the System” – A new podcast series on international cybersecurity priorities

Today, the Cybersecurity Tech Accord announced the launch of a limited podcast series, “Patching the System.” Produced in collaboration with GZERO Media, the series will, over five episodes, give listeners an engaging deep-dive into some of the most pressing international cybersecurity challenges of today. Throughout the series, leaders and experts from the Cybersecurity Tech Accord companies will be joined by outside partners to shed light on a range of topics and how they can be addressed. The podcast will include discussions on hybrid warfare, UN treaty negotiations, ICT supply chain security, the dangers posed by cyber mercenaries, and protecting the ever-growing world of “smart” devices.

Leveraging insights and expertise from across more than 150 tech company signatories, the Cybersecurity Tech Accord has long worked to raise awareness and shine a spotlight on priority issues and drive innovative technology and policy solutions that involve all stakeholders – providing a voice for the tech industry on matters of peace and security online. The issues addressed throughout the podcast series will build on this foundation of advocacy work and provide listeners with a front-row seat to a discussion among experts and those in positions to take action on key cybersecurity issues.

The first episode, released today, “Cyber threats in Ukraine and beyond,” features Tom Burt, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for customer security and trust, as well as Annalaura Gallo, head of secretariat for the Cybersecurity Tech Accord. The two discuss escalating international cyber conflict, setting rules of the road for states online, and how cyber capabilities were employed in the lead up to the Russian invasion of Ukraine last month. In addition, they explore what the technology industry’s role needs to be as responsible actors in this new domain of conflict.

Each episode of “Patching the System” is moderated by Eurasia Group Senior Analyst Ali Wyne, who helps guide listeners through dynamic and thorny issues with probing questions to make sense of it all. The five “Patching the System” episodes will be 20-30 minutes and are part of the “Global Stage” media content GZERO is producing in partnership with Microsoft.

The subsequent episodes will be released in bi-weekly installments and will focus on:

  1. Cyber conflict (3/16/2022)
  2. Consumer IoT security (3/30/2022)
  3. ICT supply chain security (4/13/2022)
  4. Cyber mercenaries (4/27/2022)
  5. Cybercrime treaty negotiations (5/11/2022)

We invite you to join us and listen along as this exciting series tackles topics that are critical not only in our international discourse, but increasingly in our daily lives. Current and future episodes of “Patching the System” will land on the Global Stage website and wherever podcasts are found. Follow @cybertechaccord on Twitter to keep up with the latest releases.