“Patching the System” season two – The second season of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord podcast has arrived!

This Cybersecurity Tech Accord is excited to announce that season 2 of our podcast series, Patching the System, is launching this week! Produced together with GZERO Media, this season will once again bring together voices from government and civil society, alongside signatories of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, to tackle the most pressing issues at the intersection of geopolitics and technology.

The first episode, “How cyber diplomacy is protecting the world from online threats,” is now available and features the Head of Digitization for the Swiss foreign ministry, Benedikt Wechsler, and Microsoft’s Senior Director for Digital Diplomacy, Kaja Ciglic. Together, the two break down what digital diplomacy is all about – why so many governments are suddenly appointing “tech ambassadors” and the critical issues they are working to address in an increasingly volatile digital world. You can find the first episode, and all future episodes, on the GZERO website, as well as wherever podcasts are found.

In the coming weeks, new episodes of Patching the System will explore the threats posed by cyber mercenaries and foreign influence operations on social media, the implications of a new global cybercrime treaty being negotiated at the United Nations, and much more. We hope you will tune in and keep up to understand the most urgent security challenges facing the online ecosystem and the communities working to combat them. 

Leveraging expertise and insights from across more than 150 technology company signatories, since our launch in 2018 the Cybersecurity Tech Accord has worked to raise awareness and shine a light on priority issues and drive innovative technology and policy solutions – providing a voice for the tech industry on matters of peace and security online. Throughout this podcast series, we will continue in our mission to provide listeners with valuable insights from experts and decisionmakers on key cybersecurity issues.

We invite you to join us and listen along as the topics explored in this podcast series are increasingly relevant not only to high-level political discussions, but also to our daily lives.