10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm CET

Brand Protection: A Crucial Layer in a Multi-Layered Defense

Bad actors weaponize brands to compromise unsuspecting users via digital channels and malicious use of domains, leading to phishing, malware and other brand-based attacks.  Whois, one of the tools that both brand protection and security organizations have traditionally relied upon to abate brand and security threats, is largely no longer available. Forward-thinking organizations are bringing the brand protection organization together with the security team to mitigate these brand-based attacks. Combining the methodologies and expertise of these teams can increase detection of malicious domain names.

This webinar described a collaborative framework for the security and brand protection teams and discusses real-world examples of this multi-layered defense strategy in action while examining the severely curtailed use of Whois data and its impact on brand protection and security investigations.

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