A view from the front lines of cybersecurity: Insights from Cybersecurity Tech Accord signatories

Since the Cybersecurity Tech Accord’s inception, a key mission for the group has been to leverage the signatories’ cybersecurity expertise across the different aspects of technology to identify and promote best practices that will help us address today’s and tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges. We believe this range of skillsets is what makes the Cybersecurity Tech Accord truly unique – no other group brings together hardware security experts from the United States, with platform providers from Latin America, and cybersecurity vendors from Eastern Europe.

As we firmly believe that cybersecurity is a shared responsibility we have dedicated our time to initiatives that strive to reach our diverse community of users and customers – from the casual Internet users, to security experts with an interest in learning more about securing their online environment, protecting their organization from cyber threats and helping build a safer and more secure cyberspace. To this end, we last year partnered with the Global Forum on Cybersecurity Expertise (GFCE) to launch a webinar series dedicated to adding a new, more technical dimension, to cybersecurity capacity building. Our series touch on issues as divergent as cloud computing, email protection, blockchain, and best practices used in assessing and addressing cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Building on the webinar series, we are today launching the guest blog series “A view from the front lines of cybersecurity: Insights from Tech Accord signatories”. The series puts a spotlight on our signatory community, their most pressing security concerns and the solutions that they have found to be most effective in addressing the cybersecurity challenges their company faces. Every month we will publish one of their blog posts to encourage further debate on the rapidly evolving security landscape, and the measures and practices that companies need to implement to stay ahead of the curve.

“As technology companies, we act as first defenders against cyber threats. As such, we have a responsibility to protect not only our own organizations, but the broader online environment that relies on our technologies. The blog series will allow us to share information around the latest trends, as well as ways of addressing specific attack vectors,” said Archie Agarwal, CEO of ThreatModeler.

Indeed, safeguarding the security and integrity of data has become more challenging over the years: the digital transformation has made our industries more efficient but also more vulnerable to cyber threats. The access points to our systems have increased with the advent of social media and the widespread use of mobile devices. With the uptake of cloud computing, companies have moved their assets where they are safer but also more dispersed geographically.

“We hope that sharing our experience and recommendations in addressing these challenges will help others navigate this changing and challenging environment better,” continued Agarwal.

The security of our online environment depends both on continuous investment in cutting edge innovation, improvements to cybersecurity of our existing products, as well as on the unremitting sharing of both cybersecurity information and real world experiences. This is critical to not only driving greater awareness of the challenges we face in this space, but to encouraging the broader adoption of best practices, and ensuring that we can deal with cyberthreats as a community.